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A simple Construct 2 Capx file demonstrating a technique to fade in and out between layouts. The Capx file uses the Function object, Touch Object and Sprite object to manipulates the Layer properties to achieve this. You can find an example of the Capx file from this products main description.



An example of this Capx can be found from the link below:

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An associated video to this file can be found from the link below:

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This free Capx file contains the events use to create a fade transition between layouts within a Construct 2 project. The file contains three layouts each with their own event sheets. It also contains a Fade event sheet where most of the fading mechanism is run.

To achieve the fade transition, after a ‘Next Layout’ function is called, a group is activated which increase the opacity value of a black layer. To fade in, the same layer’s opacity value is reduced making it transparent. To keep the fade smooth and consistent, the fade layer’s opacity is set when the layout starts.

The fade transition is programmed via the Function Object, allowing it to be used with ease around your project.

There are two global variables associated with the Capx, these control the destination layout name, and the speed of the fading transition.

You have permission to use this Capx and Artwork contained within it in your own commercial projects.

Additional information

File Contents


Main Topics

Fade Transition, Functions, Changing Layout, Groups

License Type

Capx and Artwork can be used for commercial purposes in a different product such as a game or other third-party product.

License Limitations

Cannot resell files in whole or in part, Cannot resell as a template


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