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A simple Capx file demonstrating a technique to navigate between layouts. The Capx file used the Function object, Touch Object and Sprite object to achieve this. You can find an example of the Capx file from this products main description.



An example of this Capx can be found from the link below:

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YouTube Video

An associated video to this file can be found from the link below:

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This free Capx file contains a basic navigation menu. The navigation menu works by simply clicking or tapping on the menu item names. A back button has been provided at the destination layout.

The Capx contains four layouts, and five sprites. The objects used within the Capx are the Touch object, Function object, and Sprite objects. The sprite object have been grouped into a family, and the events and actions act upon this family. The family has been given an individual text variable, which has been set for each sprite in the family in their property settings.

When one of the sprites is clicked or tapped, then a function is called and the individual variable of the sprite is passed to the function, the function then changes the layout to the name of the layout with the same name as the variable.

You have permission to use this Capx and Artwork contained within it in your own commercial projects.

Additional information

File Contents


Main Topics

Navigation, Functions, Changing Layout

License Type

Capx and Artwork can be used for commercial purposes in a different product such as a game or other third-party product.

License Limitations

Cannot resell files in whole or in part, Cannot resell as a template


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