Turmoil Deluxe

A remake of the retro Atari game, Turmoil. A fast paced, point collecting arcade game.

Turmoil Deluxe

Turmoil Deluxe is a fast paced, HTML5 Mobile Game, built for Android and iOS touch screen devices. The game-play features both vertical and horizontal defensive movement. Enemies appear from both sides, the player has to navigate to navigate the ship, avoiding fire while at the same time, line up their ship to shoot their opponents. Power-ups feature giving the player invulnerability, missiles and shield for a limited time. There are 30 levels in the game, each getting progressively harder. Towards the higher end of the level, worm holes appear endangering the player. The player has a certain amount of lives, when these are lost the game ends.

The game includes custom made levels, arcade mode as well as the 30 progressive levels. There is a password saving system. The game tries to be true to it's original Atari version.

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Game Type: HTML5 Mobile Game (CocoonJS Wrapped)

Date Published: 01/04/2013

Author: Adam English (English Acorn)

Game Genre: Action, Retro Remake.

Platforms: Mobile – Android and iOS

License Type: Commissioned for Retro Games Studios (http://www.rgstudio.at/)

Status: Unknown – English Acorn DOES NOT maintain this game.

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Screen Shots

Here are some of the screen shots of the Turmoil Deluxe game. Click on the images to expand them.

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