The Oaken Seed (WIP)

The Oaken Seed is a top down dungeon crawling game. It is currently work in progress and may or may not be completed.

The Oaken Seed

The Oaken Seed is a top-down dungeon crawling game, built for the desktop PC platform. It is currently a work in progress game, design primarily to prototype certain features. The game contains four playable characters(Knight, Ninja, Archer, Mage), each with their own special ability and play type and is set over a variety of dungeons. Currently, there is a RPG element to the game enabling the player to level up their character and collect certain items, weapons and armour sets.

The main object of the game, after unlocking all of the characters, is to solve puzzles, fight enemies and bosses and eventually leave the dungeon you began in. Initially this game fed into a storyline derived from ‘The Oaken Seed’, and the game may change to better resemble this.

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Game Type: Top-Down Dungeon Crawler RPG

Date Published: 01/04/2015

Author: Adam English (English Acorn)

Game Genre: Action RPG.

Platforms: PC Desktop

License Type: N/A

Status: In Development

Mobile Orientation: N/A


Screen Shots

Here are some of the screen shots of the The Oaken Seed game. Click on the images to expand them.


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