Red Zapper

Red Zapper, a fun fast-paced side scrolling shooter HTML5 game. Works great on a variety of mobile devices.

Red Zapper

Red Zapper is a Side Scrolling Shooter, HTML5 Mobile Game. Designed for both mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers. The game features side scrolling shooting action, whereby the player navigates a series of waves. Shooting, dodging and destroying enemies while collecting power ups and scoring points. In the background fast paced music plays, inspiring the player onward while an aesthetic vista scrolls in the background. The game is comprised of continuous waves spanning 3 difficulty settings. Each wave includes a final Boss. The high score achieved during play is recorded, and a Total Score is presented at the end on the level select screen. To ensure maximum compatibility with mobile devices, there are three graphics settings/levels to choose from, therefore keeping game performance high. The game is played in landscape mode, and on mobile devices a prompt will appear whilst in portrait mode, asking the player to rotate their device. Test out the game below.

Red Zapper Logo

Game Type: HTML5 Game

Date Published: 01/01/2014

Author: Adam English (English Acorn)

Game Genre: Side Scrolling Shooter

Platforms: Online Mobile and Desktop Devices. Most web browsers.

License Type: Non-Exclusive License

Mobile OrientationLandscape

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the game, what’s included and what to expect.

Different Difficulties Icon

Different Difficulties

Enemies Icon


Boss Types Icon

Boss Types

Player Ships Icon

Player Ships

High Score Icon

High Score

Power Up Icon

Power Ups

Graphics Icon

Graphics Settings

Simple Controls Icon

Simple Controls

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Basic Information

Here you can find out some of the basic information about our HTML5 game.


Fighting to get the highest score, Red Zapper includes side-scroller-shooting action game-play across three distinct difficulty settings. Destroy waves of enemies while collecting power-ups to defeat the end wave boss.

  • Continuous Waves
  • 3 Difficulty Settings
  • End Wave Bosses
  • Point Collection Highscore
  • 6 Enemies Types
  • 5 Player Ship Types
  • Power Ups
  • Simple Touch or Click Controls

Aesthetic Artwork

Red Zapper employs a unique dynamic artwork style. Explosions and shots melt into one another against attractive backgrounds. Icons, ships and power-ups have been drawn minimalistic. All with a cell shaded type of look. Low and high graphics settings help to ensure high FPS across multiple devices, old and new.

  • 3 Graphics Settings(Low, Medium, High)
  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Elegant Style
  • Wide Maximum Screen Ration (From 4:3 to 3:1)
  • 3 Different Stage Backgrounds

Music & Sound

Red Zapper comes with  appropriate music and sound effects, inspire the player during their battle against the enemy.


Controls are simple and straight forward. Menu items are activate with a touch on a touch screen or mouse click on desktops. The player drags their ship up and down during the main game-play. During the game, the player’s ship continues to fire, shoot enemies and avoid incoming fire.

  • Touch for Touch Screen
  • Mouse Click on Desktops

Play Game

Click one of the icon to test the game. You’ll be taken to a new window were the game will play in full screen and fit to the size of your browser window. Alternatively Click Here!

Link to HTML5 Mobile Game

Watch Video

Click on the icon to watch a video of the game being played. You’ll be taken to our YouTube channel where you can see footage of the HTML5 game being played. Alternatively Click Here!

Watch HTML5 Mobile Game

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