Free Billiard game

Formerly called 'Billiard Game'. Free Billiard game is your standard billiards game played on your mobile device.

Free Billiard game

Free Billiard game is a billiard themed, HTML5 Mobile Game. Designed primarily for both mobile devices and touch screens. The game features standard a standard billiard game: Played either by yourself or against AI. In the background relaxing music plays, inspiring the player to continuing playing while unlockable achievements give the player targets to meet. Once completed, the high-score screen gives the player basic information concerning their game. The artwork is well done and aesthetic making the game enjoyable to play.

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Game Type: HTML5 Mobile Game (Wrapped with Intel XDK)

Date Published: 01/01/2015

Author: Adam English (English Acorn)

Game Genre: Billiard Game.

Platforms: Mobile – Android and iOS

License Type: Commissioned for InovuGames

Status: Unknown – English Acorn DOES NOT maintain this game.

InvolvementCreated whole project, including artwork, music and sourcing audio effects. Wrapped in Intel XDK for deployment.

Screen Shots

Here are some of the screen shots of the Free Billiard game. Click on the images to expand them.

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Click on the icon to play the game. You’ll be taken to my client’s Android shop page where you can install it. Alternatively Click Here!

Link to HTML5 Mobile Billiard Game

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