We have finally released Red Zapper, a fun side scrolling touch screen controlled shooter. Built and intended for Online HTMl5 Mobile Game Portals the game is also playable on desktops, with three graphics settings to help with performance and aesthetics.

You can read more about Red Zapper from it’s project page found here (Click Here). As well as watch a video of it’s game-play and test the game first hand. Why not give it a try.

The artwork of the game is crisp and unique, it has a retro cartoon like art style, and on the highest graphic settings explosions and lasers blend in with one another. This effect has been achieved by using multiple sprites of different colours on different layers. Due to how this would effect performance, a low graphics setting has been made the default setting, where by sprite numbers are kept to a minimum. But the higher settings are available by a touch of a button to players playing on higher end mobile devices.

The object of the game is to score the highest score on three different difficulty settings. There are waves of enemies and at the end of the wave, a boss appears and needs to be defeated before progressing. The harder the difficulty setting the fast the enemies fly and fire, as well as having a large sine wave movement patter. Each wave adds to the health of the enemies making them harder to destroy.

redZapperThe play has access to five different live levels, which are represent by the size of their ship. They can collect red power ups to level up, giving them an extra life (Maximum of 5) and a larger ship which sometimes fires an extra laser. However, when the player is touched by an enemy laser or collides with an enemy ship they loose a life, and the size of their ship shrinks.

The player is constantly firing at a fast rate. The player is controlled by dragging their ship up and down, here they are able to aim their laser at the enemy ships, are avoid collisions.

The game features catchy music, which works on most hand held devices, however due to the nature of HTML5 and it’s developing technology, the music may not play on other devices.

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