This is a simple post to notify you of the current planned website updates. Due to business changes the website is also changing to reflect this. We have opted to use WordPress as the CMS to handle the management of our website, and the DIVI theme from to assist with the creation and layout of the website.

While the majority of the website has already been complete, we will be making edits here and there, most unnoticeable  as we continue with site maintenance. Since we have been contacted however with regard to the recent site layout changes, we are writing this message to apologies for any disruptions this may have caused. But also to confirm that the majority of this sites transformation has already occurred.

Furthermore, we have removed the previous user details given as a requirement when downloading the free-capx-downloads we were (and currently are) hosting, and have also removed the requirement to register to download the free files that was mandated by our other CMS technology.

We will shortly be moving our previous videos and certain files from our Social Media channels such as YouTube and Facebook to a more convenient channels. So as to focus this site on HTML5 Mobile Online Games. With information concerning the creation of Construct 2 related games and CAPX file templates hosted elsewhere.

Thank You.

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