Check out the first few images of our new game, Red Zapper. It’s a Side Scrolling game intended for HTML5 Online and Mobile Games portals. It’s touch screen based. Most of the art assets have been created, a few need to be changed and the final programming needs to be completed.

Originally the aim of the game was to complete a level, of three different difficulties, in the fastest time possible. At the end of the level lay a boss who would menace the player. However, it has been decided that it would be more relevant to change the scoring system to that of a cumulative high score system instead of a count down timer. Therefore the current aim is for the play to amass the greatest amount of points, by clearing a largest number of waves. Each wave gets progressively hard, and so high scores are harder to achieve.

The artwork is very nice and consistent. But some of the dynamic effects need to be reworked to improve the performance of the game on mobile devices.

We will keep you updated as the game progresses.

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