The aim of this video is to demonstrate the Z Order Bar which can be found in Construct 2, the HTML5 game creation software.It is hoped this video accurately demonstrates the used of the Z Order Bar, what it does, where it is and how it works.

After a fresh install of Construct 2 and by defaults, the Z Order Bar is not show. It needs to be made visible and this can be done via the ‘View’ tab from the Top Menu Bar (Found at the top of the main screen). Once visible the Z Order Bar is usually found floating freely but may be attached to the right hand side panel. And area I like to place it ‘tabbed’.

This bar catalogues the ordering of the objects found within a layout. It works in a similar was to the layer bar and shows a bottom to top progression of all of the objects either in the layout or above and below the selected object. The Z order is important as the top most object gets displayed first.

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