The aim of this video is to explore the Tilemap Bar found in Construct 2, the HTML5 game creation software.

It is hoped that his video explain and demonstrates the use of the Tilemap Bar. It provides examples of how to use the Tilemap Bar, where it is and what it does as well as showing the view how the Tilemap Bar is used in conjunction with the Tilemap Object.

The Tilemap Bar is by defaults found in the lower right portion of the Construct 2 GUI (Screen). It is normally tabbed next to the Object Bar. To use the Tilemap Bar you first need to added the Tilemap Object to the layout. Once added the Tilemap bar show the image of the selected Tilemap Object, and provides several tools to edit the image as well as past tiles from this image onto the layout screen. While this video does not focus on the Tilemap Object, it does briefly explain some of the features and demonstrates it use within a layout.

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