The aim of this video is to provide an overview video of a recent Capx file I’ve released for Construct 2, the HTML5 game creation software.

In the video you see both the examples and the event sheets powering those examples of the use of Tiled Background Objects to create unique and enthralling effects.

While the video simple illustrates an example, the techniques can be used to create stunning games.

The Capx comprises of four examples, fade transitions and Function Object examples. All the artwork with the game can be used for commercial purposes when bought. Two of the examples use layer effects to produce their visuals, and highlight what can be done with the technique.

The Capx is deliberately priced low to that of a cup of coffee, the price is there to protect the commercial license agreement and compensate the time required to create the artwork and Capx,

You can buy the Capx file from the link below.

Thank you for watching the video.

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