The aim of this video is to cover the basics of creating navigation links in Construct 2, the HTML5 game creation software. It was created as a response to a question concerning another Capx file I had created.

In this video I demonstrate how to use the Button Objects, Function Object and Touch Object to create navigation links to other layouts.

First I show how to create a simple link to another layout using a Button Object and it’s event when clicked, providing an action to change layout. I then go a little further by providing a technique to replicate this event over several event sheets using the Function Object and grouping the Button Objects into a family.

The result is clean grouped code which enables a used to simple create multiple navigation links easily to help the player navigate around their game easily.

I have create a free downloadable Capx file to accompany this video. Instead of using button objects I have instead used Graphical Sprites to represent the click-able buttons.

Download the Free Capx File

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