English Acorn: We are an Independent Games Developer, developing games for our self and others.

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We develop HTML5 Games and Apps. Taking advantage of it’s cross platform versatility. Keeping up to date with the latest HTML5 standards.


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License & Sponsorship

We can offer non-exclusive or exclusive licensing, sponsorship, branding and one-off payments. Both bespoke tailored or generic games.


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Mobile Friendly

Our HTML5 Games and Apps are developed to perform well in native mobile browsers. Allowing the games to be played online from your website.


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Periodic Updates

We update, improve and maintain our games and apps. Ensuring they are optimised and running smoothly. Giving you the best results.


Get In Touch, Find Out More!

We create HTML5 games for you. They are both designed and optimised to work on a range of mobile devices. iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows tablets and phones. Commission a unique game directly or license a game from our shop and use them in your commercial endeavours. We are happy to meet your needs to produce a product beneficial to you. Send us an email  or contact us via the contact form to find out more.

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HTML5 Mobile Games

Our games are made using the latest HTML5 technologies and standards. They therefore work across a variety of devices and platforms. Engineered to work well on mobile phones and tablets. Ideal for use with mobile games portals. Made to be fun and entertaining. Visit our portfolio to see our previous work.

  • Smart 75% 75%
  • Flexible 90% 90%
  • Beautiful 85% 85%
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HTML5 Technology

Due to the advancement in HTML5 technologies including the compatibility of ECMA  Script with modern mobile browsers. Our games have great cross platform compatability.

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Android Devices

Our games work well on Android devices, especially those using Google Chrome which continues to update it’s browser to HTML5 standards.

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Apple Devices

All up to date Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and Mac Books  run our HTML5 games very efficiently.

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Windows Devices

With the advent of Windows phones, tablets and the Windows 8 operating system. Our HTML5 games perform very well.

Efficiently Designed and Cross-Platform.

The games are optimised to be played via a mobile’s native browser as is required by most Online Game Portals. But they can also be wrapped, shipped as an app and played not just on mobile devices but also on PCs, Macs and laptops. Their HTML5 coding allows for cross-platform deployment.

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Play Our Games On A Variety Of Devices

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Play our games anywhere on your mobile phone without having to download an app. Play it straight from a website whenever you have internet access.

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Tablets have increased in popularity, they are great devices for mobile gaming. All our games run well on most tablets.

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As our games run can run via a web browser, they are suitable and run very well on any laptop.

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Our games are not limited to mobile devices, pay them on your desktop at work or at home.

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For more information, to find out what we do, what we can offer, the types of HTML5 games and apps we develop and more. Contact us today. Either use our contact form by clicking the link below, or by ending use an email to info@englishacorn.com.

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